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What is blackbird, and how can it help my business?

Blackbird is an all-in-one online system that allows you and your employees to connect and work together, from anywhere in the world on almost any device.


Bring the fun of Social media to the workplace with Feeds, Profiles and Walls, your own mini social network, just for your business.


Blackbird comes with built in productivity tools, such as Statistics, Task Manager and Contacts, You can add more tools as well.


Since blackbird is a web based application, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connected device.

Web Page


Blackbird isn't just software; it's a platform with third-party developers in mind. This means that blackbird will only get better with time, and more apps will be available soon.

APP STORE (Coming Soon)

Getting your Application to blackbird users couldn't be easier with the App store, easily deploy and track your applications.


Blackbird was built with developers in mind, We an extensive API you can talk to other applications, system settings, users, permissions and more!

Digital Org Chart

View and manage your Org Chart anywhere, anytime.


Never has it been easier for a senior or CEO to get a overview of how their entire company is doing, as a whole and by division. You can even nail down to a individual persons statistics.


A digital Org Chart is very easy to edit, any account with admin privileges can maintain the companies Org Chart, this includes editing employee's post, adding and removing divisions and more.

Statistics Application

Blackbird comes with a full featured Statistics application built right in; keep track of as many stats as you want as well as view and manage any Statists of your juniors.


Recognize, Reward & Retain your employees. Easily recognize achievements, identify influencers and openly praise employees on a company wide social network Finally, there’s a simple secure way to see your stats across the organization from anywhere in the world.


No longer will you manage by what is in your checking account or how you feel. Take the mystery out of management. You will know what those graphs mean when they are up or down, and best of all what to do about it.


The flow of information is important to any business; blackbird has built in communication tools that make it easy for you and your employees to communicate with each other.


Built in internal threaded email, for those longer conversations.


Access instant messaging on the bottom of any page in the system.



Get instant notifications of any social activity involving your account, such as Comments, Wall Posts, Acknowledgements and Messages. This is a great way for your company to stay in communication.


Blackbird and Third party app's can also push notifications to users, things like Letting you know when a task is completed or sales report is ready for your review.